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Find Your Local Chapter

​Our 23 chapters in Texas connect you to local issues and restaurateurs.

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Invest in your business and this industry by joining TRA. Through our restaurant membership we help our members build customer loyalty, rewarding careers and financial success. Whether you are an industry veteran, or new business owner, TRA has the resources you need to succeed.

As a busy restaurant operator, think of TRA's restaurant membership as your trusted advisor and resource when navigating your business. We can provide legal resources, training and certification for you and your staff, advocacy representation, operations support, and community engagement as part of your membership. There is strength in numbers – joining the TRA pledges your support to the foodservice and restaurant industry.

TRA News Now - Help Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become an urgent concern throughout the country and TRA is taking a stand to fight it. In our latest TRA News Now, learn how TRA is working with TABC and other state agencies to fight exploitation and share resources. By learning how to recognize and report suspected trafficking, you can help stop it - from business policies to raising awareness and lending support to victims.

Addressing the Risk of Sexual Harassment in Your Restaurant

Besides significant financial consequences, claims of sexual harassment or discrimination can inflict lasting damage on a restaurant’s reputation and affect employee morale and performance. Related litigation can also take management’s time away from their everyday responsibilities. If they haven’t done so already, restaurants should take steps to manage potential exposures related to sexual harassment, including: implementing employee training, establishing workplace policies, procedures and well-structured reporting and investigative measures, and obtaining appropriate insurance.

Texas Restaurant Association takes a leadership role to help end human trafficking

Today the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) launches a resource center for restaurants to take immediate action against human trafficking in the state. provides downloadable signage for restaurant businesses to place in their restrooms and training for the 1.3 million employees to recognize and report the warning signs of trafficking activity. The placards include information on how victims can get help immediately and the website curates existing training opportunities for teams and managers.

Member Tip - Writing out the full year on documents

A new decade is upon us and we are all getting used to changing the dates from 2019 to 2020 on our checks, contracts and other legal and business documents. Most people are used to shortening dates on checks and legal documents to “1/1/20” instead of “1/1/2020”. While it is commonly understood that “1/1/20” means January 1, 2020, it is important to note that shortening “2020” to “20” might cause open the door to potential scammers, fraudsters or others seeking to change the date on legal or financial instruments.

Texas ProStart Invitational - Frisco

Join TRA's Education Foundation for the first invitational for Texas ProStart students at Collin College - Preston Ridge Campus in Frisco, Texas.

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