TRAction Fund


The TRAction Fund is your industry's 'war chest,' built by both corporate and personal contributions. It supports legal, lobbying and media firepower needed to fight anti-business initiatives on the local, state and national levels. With the TRAction Fund, TRA has a rapid, first-strike capability to effectively combat initiatives which strike at the heart of the free enterprise system. The fund also promotes issues that help maintain a pro-business state.

The TRAction Fund is prohibited from making contributions to, or endorsing political candidates. Since it can accept corporate funds, however, it provides TRA corporate and allied members an avenue to participate in the political arena.

ASSET - Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas    

One important initiative the TRAction Fund supports is ASSET - the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas. Joining 15 other prominent business groups, including the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Retailers Association and the Texas Association of Builders, the Texas Restaurant Association is proud to be part of this new coalition. ASSET was created to fight for public policies that protect small business owners in Texas from burdensome, restrictive, California-style government regulations. ASSET was key in successfully fighting Austin’s Paid Sick Leave ordinance this past November, which was ruled unconstitutional by the Third Court of Appeals in Austin.

“It is time for businesses to draw the line against government interference in employer-employee relationships. …paid sick leave was really the first of what we see as many coming down.” – Annie Spilman, state director, National Federation of Independent Business

In order for ASSET to keep fighting for this and other issues critical to small business owners, and to continue to be an influential force this legislative session, we need your help.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Give to the TRAction Fund in support of the ASSET coalition. (Note – Corporate funds are permitted). Click here to add your support.

Grow TX Oysters

Currently, U.S. supplies of oysters have rapidly increased, while those for Texas have declined, due to a variety factors including hurricanes, and increased fishing pressure. Although Texas boasts one of the largest coastal shorelines in the nation, it is the only coastal state that does not engage in production of oysters by mariculture.

Rep. Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) recently announced the organization of a task force to develop awareness on the economic and environmental benefits of oyster aquaculture in Texas. TRA will be working to support legislation surrounding these efforts. These include:

  • working to stabilize local oyster supplies and reduction of risk from disasters,
  • diversifying oyster growers to consist of smaller owner/operators (2-3 acres of water) and larger production-oriented farms (10-20 acres),
  • establishing three state-certified Texas oyster hatcheries strategically located along the coast from Corpus Christi to Galveston,
  • a truly sustainable Texas oyster fishery consisting of existing privately leased areas, managed wild-reef harvest, and a thriving mariculture segment producing 6 million pounds of oyster meat annually, and much more.

However – to accomplish our legislative goals, WE NEED YOUR HELP. To get involved, you can make a contribution to the TRAction fund, which will be earmarked to support the legislative efforts of GTO (Grow Texas Oysters).

Give to the TRAction Fund in support of GTO (Grow Texas Oysters). (Note – Corporate funds are permitted). Click here to add your support.