Russell Woodward

Russell Woodward

Foundation Chair

Texas Beef Council, Austin

Russell Woodward is the senior manager of product marketing at Texas Beef Council. In his role, he fosters strategic partnerships and builds programs to strengthen the beef presence in the retail and foodservice sector.

Growing up on a farm in North Texas, he knows how personal producers take growing and raising quality products for the consumer’s plates. His desire to pursue a career in the meat industry led him to Texas A&M University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in food science, with a special emphasis in meat science.

Russell has been with Texas Beef Council since 1996. He brings knowledge and experience from his previous work with the National Cattleman’s Beef Association and the National Livestock and Meat Board to his role.

By serving on the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation Board of Trustees, Russell is able to ensure beef is part of the conversation throughout Texas, among the foodservice sector. He is also a member of the American Meat Science Association to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Russell enjoys educating audiences on the unique qualities of beef and creating experiences where the passion and dedication of beef producers is brought to light. Serving on the Fort Worth Stock Show Junior Heifer Committee and the High School BBQ Association Board gives Russell the opportunity to be involved with youth, who are passionate about beef.

Russell’s favorite cut of beef is the Coulotte, also known as the cap of the sirloin, because of its great combination of tenderness and beefy flavor. Russell, his wife and family live in Pflugerville, Texas.