Preferred Partners

BMI - Music performing rights

A BMI License provides you with the legal authorization you need to use a very powerful product – music. This product is the music creator’s property, so a licensing agreement protects your business from the penalties involved in copyright infringement. Specific information on music licensing for restaurants available here

TRA Member benefits: Savings of up to 20% on fees including 5% individual membership discount, 5% paying online, and 10% additional "timely payment" discount | 800-925-8451

Fishbowl - Email marketing

Fishbowl’s Local Marketing Suite provides restaurants all of the tools needed to manage a successful online guest marketing program. Fishbowl Local includes:

  • Email Marketing: 500+ restaurant templates, Automated Loyalty messages, including birthday club, in store and online guest sign up tools
  • Social Media Marketing: Manage multiple Facebook & Twitter accounts, schedule posts and emails to publish across multiple accounts for now or the future, track engagement and audience growth
  • Reputation Management: Track reviews from hundreds of sites, receive email alerts when new reviews are posted, compare your reputation to your competitors

SM3- Full Service Online Marketing: Need help managing all of your online marketing? Fishbowl’s SM3 Service provides a dedicated online marketing expert to plan, design and execute your entire online marketing campaigns and more.

TRA Member benefits: 500 free email messages per month to their guests, no strings attached | 800-836-2818 (please mention TRA when calling)

Heartland Payment Systems - Payment processor

Heartland Payment Systems, exclusively endorsed provider for TRA members, provides the best possible pricing and service on card processing, payroll solutions and marketing solutions designed to help grow your business. Heartland offers wholesale pricing and easy-to-read statements so you know exactly what you're paying for. Their dedicated local sales team and 24/7 customer service are waiting to assist your business with solutions and savings you deserve. | 1-888-963-3600

Revention - Point of sale solutions

Revention is a dynamic point of sale (POS) provider with a wide range of tools to enhance the profitability of restaurants and bars. Revention’s in-depth product line includes an all-encompassing POS system, an online ordering product with options for mobile apps and mobile optimized websites (HungerRush), and R-Enterprise remote management to facilitate multi-unit operations. Revention’s mission is to deliver the most comprehensive technology solution that includes onsite installation, training, and 24/7/365 live customer service.

TRA Members benefits: 15% off the purchase of a Revention POS solution | 877-738-7444 | Email

Safety Kick - Real time data collection and streamlined digital reporting

Safety Kick provides mobile digital reporting services for safety and other operational processes and procedures in real time. Restaurants can eliminate the paper for safety reports, checklists, heath inspections, audits, customer complaints, vacation requests, maintenance requests and virtually any other reporting requirement.  Get your important information in management's hands in real time and in electronic format. 

TRA Member benefits: 50% off normal pricing | 512-419-9052

Texas Mutual - Workers' compensation insurance

Texas Mutual Insurance Company is the state's leading writer of safety groups for workers' compensation. Working together makes the TRA/Texas Mutual Safety Group an unbeatable combination of strength and value. TRA members retain their own experience modifier, earn a premium discount based on the group's total premium, and may also qualify for a performance-based Texas Mutual individual dividend and group dividend. For more information, call or email Shelly Horelica. | 800-859-5995 | 512-224-6614

United Healthcare - Health insurance

The Restaurant Health Care Alliance offers a suite of products that will help restaurant employees gain easier access to health care coverage and related products and services. With United Healthcare, members have access to wellness programs, help with Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, low cost health plans, and more. 

TRA Member benefits: Exclusive savings on standard group medical plans and specialty benefits | 800-293-1951

Wortham Insurance - Property and casualty insurance

Available only to TRA members, Wortham Insurance offers a cost-saving property and casualty insurance program tailored specifically for restaurant customers. Some benefits include customized insurance coverages, cyber and credit card security, non auditable policies, dedicated underwriter and claims personnel, and training both online and in person.| 512-532-1532