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Trending Issues

Dram Shop Liability & Safe Harbor

Alcohol beverage providers can be liable for damages in a civil suit if it's proven that the provider sold of served alcohol and it was apparent to the provider that the person served was 'obviously intoxicated' to the extent that they presented a clear danger to themselves and others, and the intoxication of that individual caused damages to a third party. More

Music Licensing

Music, songs, lyrics, and performances are all protected under federal copyright law. Performers, songwriters, musicians, lyricists, and other music professionals all own their work and federal copyright law protects that work from use or reproduction without consent. If you play music or thinking about playing music in your restaurant, you should protect yourself from fines, litigation and other costs by obtaining the correct type of music license. More

Digital Menus

Menus are an introduction, a guide, a selling tool and a promise. How you construct your digital menu matters. Our friends at WAND Corp have created a list of best practices for optimizing your physical menu including tips on photography, use of color, branding, and more. More