OLD Advocacy

Promoting & Protecting the Industry

Anyone who cares about their restaurant business HAS to care about politics. Politics affects issues like the wages you pay your employees, the amount you pay for insurance, your tax rates and whether you can sell liquor in your county. We build and sustain positive public opinion and a favorable political environment.

The Texas Restaurant Association approaches advocacy on two fronts: promoting legislation and regulations which could benefit the industry and your business, and working to defeat legislation and regulation which could negatively impact the industry and your business. TRA advocates at the state, local and national levels, working closely with elected officials, and regulatory agencies to educate them on the potential impact of any proposed legislation or regulation on the restaurant industry. Your support and involvement is critical to our success. Consider supporting the TRA Political Action Committee (TRAPAC) which was rated one of the most influential trade association PACs in Texas. Meet with, and get to know elected officials from your area. Build relationships with them that can help us work together to continue promoting the best interests of the industry.

TRA Political Action Committee

Political action committees were established to overcome the difficult and expensive process of deciding which political campaigns should be supported financially. By combining the contributions of many in the industry, the TRA Political Action Committee (TRAPAC) is able to more significantly impact elections. Our TRAPAC trustees are restaurateurs who volunteer their time to diligently stay informed on the issues that affect your bottom line. TRAPAC trustees determine which state officials and candidates merit the support of our industry.

Only non-corporate funds can be donated to TRAPAC. Most people base their decision to contribute on the size of their establishment, and on how important responsible government is to them in their personal and business lives.  There is strength in numbers. Get involved and support the TRAPAC today! 


The TRAction Fund is your industry's 'war chest,' built by both corporate and personal contributions. It supports legal, lobbying and media firepower needed to fight anti-business initiatives on the local, state and national levels. With the TRAction Fund, TRA has a rapid, first-strike capability to effectively combat initiatives which strike at the heart of the free enterprise system. The fund also promotes issues that help maintain a pro-business state.

The TRAction Fund is prohibited from making contributions to, or endorsing political candidates. Since it can accept corporate funds, however, it provides TRA corporate and allied members an avenue to participate in the political arena.