TRA News Now - Special Edition - Paid Sick Leave Update

Jul 8

Paid sick leave city ordinances and paid sick leave preemption on the state level have been front and center in the news. Three cities, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas have passed local paid sick leave ordinances within the last year, with the San Antonio and Dallas ordinances set to go into effect on August 1. The Austin ordinance is not in effect because the Third Court of Appeals held it to be unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the Texas Legislature failed to pass legislation to preempt these ordinances in the recently concluded 2019 legislative session, and litigation may be necessary to stop the ordinances. Restaurants in San Antonio and Dallas need to get ready. With no statewide preemption, TRA, its chapters, membership and leaders need to be ever vigilant in watching out for these harmful ordinances and to engage early in the process to advocate what is best for the restaurant industry. In our latest special edition two-minute TRA News, find out the latest about these ordinances, how it may affect you and what you can do.


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