TRA News Now - Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Passes

Mar 28

In February of 2018, the Austin City Council passed a mandatory Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. This is the first ordinance of its kind in Texas, and one of the first local ordinances in the Southern United States.

Now law in Austin, it is set to have significant repercussions on local businesses of all sizes and across all types of industries.

In this two-minute TRA News Now, learn about the many complex issues surrounding Paid Sick Leave, and next steps, as Austin City Council staff begin writing the rules to implement this law.

UPDATE: While TRA fought to have our issues considered during the drafting process, it became clear that the City of Austin was apathetic toward the business community’s concerns. As October approaches and Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance goes into effect, it is important that you know how the ordinance will affect you and your employees. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that further outlines the regulation and how and when it will be enforced. Questions? Call Kenneth Besserman, TRA General Counsel at (512) 457-4100.




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