TRA News Now - Member Benefits - TRA Products & Training

Feb 28

TRA offers many valuable products and training programs at low member rates, designed to help you run and grow your business. Programs include Custom Built Training Classes, Manager Training, and Restaurant Operations Consulting, in addition to TABC To Go and ServSafe (food safety training) certifications. Trainings are offered both online or in the classroom - at your location, or ours.

TRA also offers trainings on important legal and human resources issues to help you and your employees improve workplace culture and safeguard your business from litigation. We tackle issues such as the prevention of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment among many others. In this two-minute TRA News Now, learn how TRA products and trainings can help you increase business and reduce costs.

Don't forget - TRA has an entire library of News Now videos available for viewing. Topics include labor law, local advocacy, state regulations, menu labeling, TRA partners and resources, and many more.


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