TRA News Now - Defending the BBQ Bill

Oct 25

House Bill 2029 (the BBQ Bill) repeals a burdensome state law requiring restaurants that sell food by weight maintain a certified scale, pay a $35 annual fee to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and display a sticker visible to the consumer at all times. This bill almost unanimously passed the Texas Legislature this spring. Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller argued for a veto, however it was signed by the governor and had widespread and vocal industry support. 

Now however, TDA rules circumvent the legislative intent of the bill in its rules, only exempting scales at food establishments where food is sold for immediate consumption “on the premises.”

The Texas Restaurant Association is currently supporting a long list of Texas legislators in solidarity against this misinterpretation. This new two-minute TRA News Now takes a closer look at the BBQ bill and how TRA is working to defend it. 


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