From a Texas ProStart Student: Something More Than Cooking

Feb 19

As a high school student I didn't really know what Texas ProStart was! All I knew was that it was a cooking class. Most people join the Texas ProStart program because they think it's a blow off class or they want to eat. I still remember when I was in lifetime nutrition and wellness, we cooked omelets! You would think it's such a basic recipe that anyone could do it! But before that class I always thought it was a difficult recipe to make! Till this day, I still use that same recipe! I liked food but didn't really have a passion for it. However I do love to taste different varieties of flavor! When I grow older, I plan on expanding my taste palette by trying different cultures' food. The main reason I joined the Texas ProStart program was because of my sister, she always made fun of me around other people saying that I didn't know how to cook! I mean I did know, I just wasn't the best at it. It turns out, that I'm much better of a cook than she was! Joining this program really made me believe in myself. Whenever I would cook something, for example-cupcakes, I always bought boxes that pre-made the batter already! I never knew how to start from scratch! A few weeks ago, we were learning about sauces! Like the cupcakes we would make everything from scratch from start to finish! I strongly believe that the program shouldn't even be an elective! It should be made into a required subject because it is a tool set everyone should know when they are ready to leave their parents' nest! Now-a-days younger generations definition of cooking is adding some hot water to instant noodles! Many kids don't get the chance to learn to cook for themselves! That's why they refer to fast food restaurants so often. I want people to see that even with a limited amount of food you can have the ability to turn a few ingredients into a full course meal! Having the ability to associate which flavor goes with which flavor could unlock endless possibilities of new recipes! The incredible thing about the Texas ProStart program I'm attending is that our chef not only gives us a life skill but also opens my eyes to a different perspective of the world! I like that he teaches us life experiences and lessons! That is something every high school student should be able to experience! I know for sure that all these things I'm learning in this program, I will use later in life. Now i can finally say "I know how to cook" all because of the Texas ProStart program.

Guest Blog by Stephanie Garbonzos, student, John B. Connally High School, Austin, Texas The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation's Texas ProStart program  is a two-year, industry-based high school culinary and restaurant management program. It is currently in 220 Texas high schools, reaching 20,000+ students each year. The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation is the philanthropic foundation of the Texas Restaurant Association. It's mission is to provide opportunities for restaurant careers in Texas.


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