TABC Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery Course Now Available Through the TRA

Apr 7

AUSTIN, TX (April 7, 2022) – On April 7, the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) announced that they would partner to promote TABC’s certification course on alcohol delivery safety. The Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery Course (TRAD), much like the TABC Seller-Server Safety Certification, shares with delivery drivers and foodservice establishment operators the necessary information to safely conduct alcohol to-go deliveries.

To facilitate the ease of accessing the TRAD training course and certification, the TRA has added the course to its catalog of training resources. The course is designed for persons who deliver alcoholic beverages to consumers on behalf of a retail business or delivery company that holds a Consumer Delivery Permit issued by TABC.

“TABC appreciates the Texas Restaurant Association’s support to get alcohol delivery drivers educated and trained on the law and safety,” said General Bentley Nettles, Executive Director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. “TABC’s TRAD course not only educates drivers on how to make legal and safe alcohol deliveries, but TRAD certification can also provide protections to delivery drivers and companies if certain mistakes are made during a delivery. TRAD certification helps protect Texas businesses, their workers, and our communities.”

Upon successful completion of the course, drivers will be TRAD Certified, which may insulate both the driver and the Consumer Delivery Permit holder from the consequences of certain violations that may occur during a delivery. Both the TRA and TABC are dedicated to supporting Texas’ foodservice industry operators and their employees.

“The last two years have been an incredible challenge for restaurant and foodservice operators,” said Dr. Emily Williams Knight, President & CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association. “Without alcohol to-go, many restaurants would not have survived the COVID-19 pandemic. With alcohol to-go made permanent during the last legislative session, we are proud to partner with TABC to provide our operators and their employees access to proper safety training to continue successfully including alcohol in their delivery orders.”

Restaurant and foodservice operators with a Consumer Delivery Permit from TABC and their delivery drivers can now access the TRAD course through the TRA’s training portal. Bulk license discounts are available for larger operations and for drivers working with third-party delivery companies. Contact the TRA for more information on these bulk license discounts at


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