Restaurant Giving Challenge through September 28 Dine out and support the TRAEF

Sep 26


Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation’s new fundraising program highlights restaurants while paving the industry’s future

The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF) is hosting a unique, new fundraising opportunity by restaurant the industry, for the restaurant industry – through Friday, September 28 to expand and strengthen the current and future workforce.

Five restaurants throughout Texas have opted-in to participate in a special Restaurant Giving Challenge, whereby they will donate a minimum of five percent (or more) of one day’s (or more) restaurant profits to the TRAEF.  Participating restaurants include McAllen restaurants, Nuri, SALT – New American Table and house. wine. & bistro., as well as San Antonio’s two Alamo Café locations. 

It is not too late to participate, and interested restaurants only need to fill out a quick form. In return, the TRAEF will highlight each restaurant’s philanthropic involvement across the state to media, thousands TRA members, and industry leadership. 

“We are thrilled to be launching the Restaurant Giving Challenge because it gets everyone involved at many different levels,” says Steph Smith, TRAEF director of strategic partnerships. “From restaurant owners, to staff, to the general public walking through the door…it’s an opportunity to have everyone participate, get excited, and learn more about TRAEF projects and programs. Together, we can make a huge impact in the industry.” 

The scope of giving falls between five and 15 percent, with some restaurants donating up to a week’s worth of profits. There is nothing special that the customer needs to do – other than dine at a participating restaurant. “We wanted to keep the model simple – and just encourage people to do what they love to do – eat out. No coupons, no codes – simply dine at one of the participating restaurants and you will be supporting the programs of the TRAEF,” says Smith.

The funds raised from the Restaurant Giving Challenge will be used to help support upcoming TRAEF projects for the year, including a new industry job board, a new industry workforce conference, mentorships between new restaurants and industry veterans, and school grants. The TRAEF’s flagship program, Texas ProStart – a culinary curriculum based in more than 250 Texas high schools, which provides a vital link between schools and restaurants, will also benefit.

For more information on the Restaurant Giving Challenge, click here, email Steph Smith or call the Texas Restaurant Association (512) 457-4100. Tax-deductible donations may also be made on the TRAEF website.


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