Mobile Payments in the Current Business Climate

Mar 24
Take payments anywhere Heartland

We’re all feeling the impact of the rapidly changing environment in the U.S.

We see business owners like you doing your best to adapt as states enact curfews and different forms of business closures. There are things we can’t change, but hopefully, there are ways we can help through our partnership with Heartland:

  • If you haven’t yet, consider offering curbside or on-site payments. People are looking for ways to support their favorite small businesses. Providing curbside delivery gives your customers a simple way to get what they need without physically entering the store.
  • If you need a flexible way to process payments, you can use the Heartland Mobile Pay app for free. Just click the button below to start the setup process for iOS or Android, create an account and key in transactions to get going. If you need a mobile card reader, we’ll provide one to you at cost (one-time purchase of $75).
  • Tell us what else we can do. Our service center can be reached at 888-963-3600

We believe in you. We’re rooting for you. Let’s weather this storm together.


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