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Latest Update: April 27, 2021

The Texas Restaurant Association is committed to providing our members with resources and opportunities to help manage elements within our control. We are your voice and stand together with you in these challenging times. We have created this page to serve as your comprehensive guide to stay up to date on the latest coronavirus information and find resources to protect your business. This page will continue to be updated as more information is made available by the CDC, other health organizations, and our lawmakers.

Twice a week we send out a recap email outlining the work done that day, new resources, answers to common questions, and action alerts for advocacy. Not receiving that email? Sign up in the sidebar on the right. 

The Texas Restaurant Pandemic Directory page has been launched to provide Texas restaurants access to discounted products and services for restaurant businesses during this crisis. For a limited time, the TRA is offering access to any company wanting to advertise its specials for restaurants and industry employees. 

View Pandemic Directory


Also, TRA has a mobile app for use by TRA members and allied members. This is another way to make sure you’re getting the most timely information and updates.

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On April 27, 2020, Governor Abbott issued an Executive Order that allowed restaurants to reopen their dining spaces with limited capacity beginning on May 1, 2020.  He also issued statewide protocols that reopening restaurants must follow.  These statewide protocols are encompassed by the “Texas Restaurant Promise”—the product of weeks of collaboration between the Texas Restaurant Association, restaurants of all sizes, and health officials across the nation to develop guidelines that would enable restaurants to safely reopen their dining spaces during the COVID-19 recovery.

OSHA Guidance:

ECOLAB Reopening Resources:

The Texas Restaurant Promise

Built as a social contract between restaurant owners, their staff, and guests, the Texas Restaurant Promise was origianlly created in April 2020 based on feedback and guidance from industry leaders, health experts, and researchers. Recently updated on March 4, 2021, the new Promise reflects the changes made by Governor Abbott regarding re-opening goals for March 10, 2021. Learn more by clicking the button below.

The Texas Restaurant Promise

Vaccines for Restaurant Workers

The Texas Restaurant Association is working with private partners to help culinary and hospitality industry workers find access to COVID-19 vaccinations. We have been working with Good Work Austin, the Texas Food & Wine Alliance, and other partners to make this mission a reality. 

Click below for important information for restaurant workers and employers related to vaccine access, potential side effects, and FFCRA subsidies available for employers who pay their employees to go get vaccinated. 

View Vaccine Information

Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Get Ready

Very soon, applications will go live for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF), the $28.6 billion grant program for the restaurant industry. We believe the RRF application portal could open as early as Friday, April 30. The SBA has confirmed that even those who are not included in one of the priority groups can still submit their application as soon as the portal opens to get in line. Therefore, for everyone who plans to apply, please make sure you are preparing now, so you’re ready to submit your application and backup documentation as soon as the portal opens.

Here are a few things for you to do right now:

  • Walk through the sample application, making sure you have all of the information and backup documents you need.
  • If you have questions, review the resources National and the SBA have put together. You can also reach out to the SBA with specific questions by calling 1-844-279-8898. And of course we’re here to help too!
  • Stay connected to the National Restaurant Association and Texas Restaurant Association social feeds. We WILL GET A HEADS UP when the application will open and we will push out through our social channels and the mobile app. If you haven’t already, now would be an excellent time to download the TRA App.
  • Decide how you will apply once the portal opens. TWO POS providers have been approved by the SBA so their customers may apply for the RRF through the POS platform. The SBA will also allow restaurants to submit their application online from the SBA’s website. Make sure you read below to learn more about POS providers working with the SBA. 
  • Download a Sample RRF Application

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Restaurant Association has created a helpful FAQ that includes answers to the questions we’re asked most by operators, including: 

POS Vendor Portals

Several POS vendors are working with the SBA. Some vendors are providing a unique, custom portal for their customers to submit applications, which can automate the collection of transaction history to expedite the application process. Applicants submitting via a full-service vendor do NOT need to submit an application via the SBA Portal.

Note: being a customer of a vendor listed below does NOT automatically grant eligibility.

Please reach out to your POS vendor to find more details on their submission process.

Full-Service Vendors providing application submission and automation for current customers:

Participating Vendors providing supporting documentation and knowledge support for current customers:

Additional Resources:

HR & Employment

Relief & Aid

Purchase Supplies and PPE

This list of suppliers have been vetted and approved by TRA. View all of them on our Texas Restaurant Pandemic Directory page.

View PPE Supplies

Regulatory Guidance from the State

Advocacy Updates

Sanitation Guides

Off-Premises Resources

Resources for Employees

Health & Testing Information

Operations, Legal Contracts and Insurance


Originally Published: February 28, 2020.


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