Hall of Honor Criteria


We have provided the following information and criteria for nomination. Read this information very carefully. All nominees must meet these requirements.

Each qualified nominee's name must be submitted to the TRA office by March 15, 2020. If you have a nominee and require qualification sheets, call Susan Petty (512) 457-4125. The qualification sheets will be verified by the TRA staff and then given to the Selection Committee for election.


  1. Read all the criteria information carefully.
  2. Provide detailed information about each nominee.
  3. Provide a photo of each nominee.
  4. Nomincation forms are due in the TRA office by March 15, 2020.


A. A nominee (may be retired or deceased) must have been a Regular Member of the Texas Restaurant Association for at least fifteen (15) years, and during that time must have exemplified superior business ethics and must have been a successful foodservice operator in the eyes of fellow restaurateurs, employees, and community.

B. The TRA office will verify that nominees have been Regular members of TRA for the required fifteen (15) years. The fifteen-year rule does not apply to those who served TRA from its founding date in 1937 to the year 1952.

C. The nominee, during his or her years of service to the restaurant industry, must have made substantial contributions:

Who Can Nominate? 

A. Local Chapters of TRA: Each local chapter, overseen by its Senior TRA Director, may nominate two (2) individuals. Each local chapter makes its determination of nominee(s) after the September TRA Board Meeting and forwards a completed Hall of Honor Nomination Qualification Sheet, along with a recent photo of the nominee to reach the TRA office no later than April 1 annually.

B. Individual Members of TRA: Following the same time frame as local chapter nominations above, with the same requirements.

  1. In time and energy devoted to the benefit of TRA and its members. The Committee should consider statewide leadership positions held and quality of service.
  2. In time and energy devoted to his or her local chapter of TRA. The Committee should consider leadership positions held and quality of service.
  3. To the restaurant industry on the basis of business ethics, leadership in gaining proper recognition for and of the restaurant industry and in building the image of the food service industry overall.