Governor's Executive Order GA-34 and Reopening FAQs

TRA Statement and Reopening FAQs

Read a copy of the Texas Restaurant Association's official statement regarding the Governor's Executive Order GA-34 here. Key questions and answers have been summarized for you:

What changes were announced today? 
  • Beginning on March 10th, there will be no statewide COVID-19 mandates for individuals or businesses, including restaurants. This means the mask mandate, capacity restrictions, table spacing requirements, buffet rules, etc. all become optional.
  • However, if you’re in a region listed here because of high COVID-19 hospitalization rates, then the local county judge may issue a local mask order and other COVID-19 requirements. If the local county judge chooses to issue COVID-19 requirements in this scenario, then restaurants and most other businesses must be allowed to operate with at least 50% capacity and there cannot be any penalty for failing to wear a mask. This precludes penalties on businesses as well as individuals for failing to wear a mask.
  • It’s possible that no regions will have high COVID-19 hospitalization rates by March 10th

Do the table spacing rules change? Yes. All of the restaurant protocols become optional.
When do the changes go into effect? All of the changes go into effect on March 10, 2021 at 12:01am (masks, capacity, table spacing, etc.). Until then, please continue to follow the existing rules.
Can restaurants and other businesses choose to require masks and other COVID-19 protocols? Yes. The governor’s order explicitly gives businesses the right to set their own requirements for employees and customers, including when it comes to masks.
What should we do now? Start giving serious thought to what your COVID-19 protocols will become on March 10. Think about the local health situation, your customers’ expectations, and make sure you talk to your staff about their concerns. Maintaining customer and employee trust will be critical now more than ever. Finally, please respond to our survey so we can use this information to develop best practices and educate the public.
What will happen to the Texas Restaurant Promise and the Texas Restaurant Promise Certification Program? We will update the Promise asap to align with current best practices and share that information with members and the public. Once it’s updated, we strongly encourage you to adapt the Promise to fit your local needs and then continue to use both tools to build and maintain consumer and employee trust. Remember, the certification program is free, and you can sign up here.
What about vaccines for frontline workers? We continue to explore every available option to get our frontline workers access to vaccines as quickly as possible. Gov. Abbott knows the critical role restaurants play to our food supply chain and to the economy, and so we’re confident we are making progress on this front. In the meantime, please continue to share resources and information with your employees, many of whom likely qualify for the vaccine now due to a preexisting condition. For more information about eligibility and where to get vaccinated, visit
Where can I find the new order?


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