Webinar: Third Party Delivery and Restaurants


May 23, 2018




2:00pm - 3:00pm

The world of delivery services has exploded, and navigating the new terrain can be complicated.  In the current restaurant landscape new delivery providers (both welcome and unwelcome) appear daily.  Are they adding sales or cutting into your profits or both?  

Join us for this informative and no-nonsense webinar to learn all about the 3rd party delivery service landscape, get your toughest questions answered, and gain practical tools for your success.  

For instance - how did Palazzo’s integrate an outside service into their existing internal delivery service? How did Dish Society search for, and find a great provider, negotiate good rates, and how has that impacted their bottom line?  

We have already started gathering great questions from members, such as:

o          How did my restaurant get listed on these apps?
o          Which company should I partner with?
o          Should I change my menu prices for delivery?
o          Who in my restaurant should manage all these delivery orders and package everything?


  • John Moore, Palazzo's
  • Trent Patterson, Dish Society
  • Anna Tauzin Rice, Texas Restaurant Association (moderator)
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