Hospitality Employees: ServSafe Workplace - Sexual Harassment Prevention


Aug 1, 2018




7:00pm - 8:00pm

ServSafe Workplace offers training that addresses the social and cultural challenges affecting today's work environments, providing resources for employees to create a workplace where everyone feels valued.
Sexual harassment can be a common hazard in foodservice and hospitality workplaces. When employees know their rights and responsibilities, companies can build a safe work environment for all.
This free webinar will provide you with facts about:
What sexual harassment is (and isn't)
How to report sexual harassment
Why a harassment-free workplace is every employee's right.
Hospitality industry examples describe a variety of sexual harassment scenarios and the impact they have on individuals and the work environment.
Leveraging ServSafe's reputation for premiere risk-mitigation training, this webinar provides the knowledge and information needed to build a safe, respectful company culture and respond confidently to workplace challenges.