Programs & Initiatives

Texas ProStart

It’s a well-known fact that everything is bigger and better in Texas. Our approach to high school hospitality education is no exception to this rule. The TRA Education Foundation took the benefits of the national ProStart program and added a Texas twist:

  • Outstanding Curriculum
  • Educator Excellence & Professional Development
  • Industry Support & State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Student Achievement

Texas ProStart prepares students for careers in the restaurant and food service industry. They gain valuable restaurant and food service skills through their academic and workplace experience.We take high school culinary and restaurant management to the next level by providing the full support of the Texas restaurant industry to over 240 high schools reaching 25,000 students each year. The program grows each year - adding more schools and reaching more students! Find a school near you and visit to see this program in action.

The connection between industry and schools ensures that teachers and students get the most from the Texas ProStart program. We provide extensive resources for educators and students, and the annual Texas ProStart Invitational competition showcases the amazing passion and dedication students have for our industry.

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