Culinary professionals in San Antonio welcome all

The hospitality industry, which includes restaurants and catering, has much to gain from convention and tourism business.  Recently, the San Antonio Restaurant Association joined others in the local business community by signing a letter directed to the mayor and city council urging them to bid on the 2020 Republican National Convention.  During the course of the conversation surrounding the RNC bid, disparaging remarks were directed at hospitality industry workers.

“We are a city that shines brightly as a welcoming and inclusive city.  It is unfortunate that the city has decided not to bid on a credible convention that could have a major impact on our local economy, and it is even more unfortunate that Commissioner Calvert chose to target culinary professionals in his recent remarks,” said Amanda Garcia, executive director, San Antonio Restaurant Association.  “More than 90,000 people are employed in local restaurant and culinary jobs and they are some of the most talented, hard-working people I have ever met.  It is inexcusable to insinuate that they would taint food served to a group solely because they might disagree with their political views.”

Randy Stokes, president of the San Antonio Restaurant Association chapter and owner of The Barn Door Restaurant and Meat Market had this to say: “We don’t ask people their political affiliation when they walk in my restaurant and request a table.  We welcome everyone and we work hard to put our best foot forward every day and take care of our local residents and visitors alike.  Citizens and tourists can be assured that San Antonio area restaurants, catering companies and culinary professionals welcome ALL to their tables.” For more information, contact Amanda Garcia

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