Citywide Boil Water Notice: Latest Information

February 19, 2021, 1:15pm

Dear Texas Restaurant Association (TRA)- San Antonio (SA) Chapter Board & Members,

Today, your TRA Team has been in touch with San Antonio Water System (SAWS), Governor Abbott’s office and the City of San Antonio’s Metro Health District with regards to the Boil Water Notice. We hope to have some additional information for you soon. Please stay tuned.

Until then, please follow the message from SAWS:

“For restaurants, water boil notice is mandatory. If they use water in food preparation, tea, water or ice, it’s mandatory that they boil the water.”

From CoSAMHD: Health Inspectors are going to be looking for the following in restaurants, regarding the Boil Water Notice:

  1. “They’ll ask for the Managers to show them how they ensure BOILED/BOTTLED WATER is in use.”
  2. You can use the ice that’s been inside your ice machine, since before the Boil Water Notice (BWN). You would have to be able to guarantee that this ice was made prior to the BWN. You cannot make new ice through your water lines.
  3. No coffee, tea or fountain drinks can be used if they are hooked up to the public water system. Water must be boiling for 1 rolling minute before use.
  4. Food & Environmental staff are conducting Q&A visits with food establishments to help them!

I’ll continue to update you all as I receive more information.

Dawn Ann Larios
Executive Director
San Antonio | West Texas Region | Mobile (210) 887-2891




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