Member Spotlight SAFE 2 SAVE

We are excited to introduce one of our newest Allied Members SAFE 2 SAVE. They are so excited to be a part of the TRA family and want to assist our members in any way they can.

SAFE 2 SAVE motivates people to drive  safe and undistracted and connects Restaurant Partners to their community by having them be part of this positive solution. St. David's HealthCare just became the Austin area sponsor and they are even having all their 10,200 employees do an internal competition starting May 31st and would like great local places your restaurants to be part of this! 

In fact, even the City of Austin and Vision Zero Austin will be promoting this and helping launch this as it motivates people to not "tech" and drive!

How Could SAFE 2 SAVE Positively Impact Your Bottom Line?

  • SAFE 2 SAVE’s 500,000k+ Texas users spend on average 30-35% more per visit. 
  • SAFE 2 SAVE’s 1500k+ Texas Reward Partners have seen an increase in first-time customers, repeat customers, and in-app downloads for the partner’s business. 
  • SAFE 2 SAVE Reward Partners’ customizable dashboard gives you a visual snapshot of the metrics that are important to you to grow your business’s revenue.
  • Click here to learn more, as it just takes 7 minutes to get started or contact them at or call 979-574-2915. 

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