City reinforcing water conservation rules for Austin restaurants

Beginning Monday, the City of Austin is tightening its rules on water usage due to drought and dangerously low lake levels, resulting in Stage 1 restrictions for the first time in two years.

These restrictions impact Austin restaurants, as they must refrain from automatically presenting their guests with a glass of water, and also limiting any patio misters from 4:00 pm until midnight. Servers can still provide guests with glasses of water, but only upon request.

Many servers and restaurants feel that these restrictions tamper with exceptional service (i.e. – customers not having to ask for water), however, a little communication goes a long way. If you are open and transparent with customers about the need to conserve water and the current rules in effect, most will be understanding. Restaurants can still maintain great business and stellar service, while the city maintains its conservation of water during the drought. 

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