What's the Taste?

Big picture: We (ETRA) support high school and college culinary/hospitality students. Not only do we give them money yearly, we also speak in their classes, offer job shadowing opportunities, mentor, and send them to statewide competitions. It is our goal to grow these students professionally to create pathways to careers. Hopefully careers in our industry, but our overall goal is working, successful residents of the US!  

How do we do that? Primarily with the ‘Taste’ events!

Basically, we gather local food and beverage businesses (restaurants, breweries, wineries, eateries) in the same room and invite the public (YOU) to come and ‘taste’ their food/drink. Not only is this a great way to create awareness of the local businesses in town, it also brings the community together to raise funds for these students.

Tickets are $25 to get in the Taste of Tyler and $20 to get in the Taste of Longview. Food and drinks for $25?!?! This is almost impossible to get at a single restaurant these days! There is also live entertainment and various activities for attendees, we aren't lying when we say it's food and fun!

We also have sponsors for the Taste events to help cover costs, in return they get recognition throughout the promotion of the event! It’s really a win – win – win! Students get support, local businesses get more business, you walk away full and ready for a nap!

So, who’s going to join us for the Taste of Longview and Taste of Tyler??

Maude Cobb | 7-9pm | Tuesday, April 2, 2019

$20 Advance Purchase or $25 at the Door

Harvey Hall | 6:30-8:30PM | Thursday, April 4. 2019

$25 Advance Purchase or $30 at the Door


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