5 Tips To Great Employees

There are countless techniques to the interview process of a potential employee. All of these techniques are used with the common goal of finding and hiring that Rockstar Employee who will be a long-term asset.


So, what does it take to keep these Rockstar Employees? Is it money, benefits, or maybe flexible hours? In the restaurant industry most employers offer none of the above requiring them to apply some creativity to retain their best employees!

Here are a few tips on how to keep the best without offering the world:

1. Hire experience. Seasoned individuals in the restaurant industry are familiar with the scheduling and pay structure which means they are less likely to suffer culture shock with the way restaurants operate. Consider their history with restaurants or environments before taking the plunge!

2. Create a future. Whether it’s an already established role or something you create for that individual, show the employee advancement is in their future. Hard work and loyalty will get them to the next level. 

3. Recognize & incentivize. Privately and collectively, recognition goes a long way! Get creative and reward the employee for what they do well! Creating an incentive program can be as simple as creating a chart in the kitchen for those employees receiving compliments from customers and rewarding the employee with the most compliments at the end of a week.

4. Never stop teaching. Provide outlets for the employee to train and learn, whether it be internally or externally through a classroom environment. Help them grow. Surveys show that employees who had strong training stick around much longer because they feel they have the tools to succeed which builds confidence.

5. Create consistency. In the restaurant industry most employees have second jobs or are in school. If you can create consistency with their shifts this will help them plan and maintain their responsibilities. Whether it’s childcare, doctors appts, etc. they are more likely to stick it out with you if they get a consistent schedule and one in a timely manner. Also try to make their schedules out two weeks in advance so they are prepared for any changes.

After all, a happy employee means a happy customers! 

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