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As humans, we feel connected when we can envision ourselves in similar situations to others. Using social proof in the form of effective storytelling will help convert potential members into active and involved ones. By emphasizing how the Texas Restaurant Association solved your company’s challenges and headaches, other potential members will be able to relate to you and to us. We need YOUR HELP to get the word out about TRA and how to take advantage of the value of membership. 

What is Your Story? 

When referring prospect members to the TRA, consider:

  • Why did you join the TRA?
  • What reservations did you have before joining?
  • What have you gotten out of being a member?
  • What is the main thing for you that makes renewing your membership to TRA a no-brainer?
  • Why do you think others can benefit from membership?

Email Referral Text

Copy and paste the below text into an email to a prospect TRA member. Be sure to fill in the italicized areas before sending. 

Hi Prospect Name,

I wanted to connect you with the people at TRA. I really think you could benefit from joining us and I know we could use your support. TRA will reach out to you directly and I hope that you consider supporting the association and our industry.

When TRA first approached me, I was not convinced and it wasn’t until (INSERT WHY YOU JOINED) that I finally joined.

I stay a member because... (INSERT WHY YOU ARE A MEMBER).

I now know that our industry needs the TRA, as much as I do….they truly are the restaurant assistant you didn’t know you needed but cannot live without.

Benefit from our community of passionate and knowledgeable people dedicated to the success and growth of our industry. JOIN US today!


Your Name
Your Company

Our Membership Message

  • Resources: Experts, Training, and Tools
  • Advocacy: Access, Influence, and Protection on the rules and regulations affecting the foodservice industry.
  • Involvement: Peers, Community, and Credibility
  • Discounts: Partners, Insurance, and Business ROI

Membership with the TRA strengthens your bottom line, provides tools to improve day-to-day operations, promotes and protects the industry, and connects you with your community.