Advocacy Issues

Below you'll find a list of the current issues upon which the TRA is focused. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Kelsey Erickson Streufert, Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy.


The 87th legislative session is marked by unprecedented opportunities and unique challenges for the Texas restaurant industry. And because the Texas Legislature only meets for 140 days, every other year, it’s critical that the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) take full advantage of this session. COVID-19 has devastated the foodservice industry, but it has also created enormous goodwill for restaurants amongst the general public and our policymakers. We’re also seeing unprecedented cooperation from other business interests, particularly when it comes to alcohol regulation. Finally, because our agenda fits within the broader category of COVID-19 recovery, it’s likely to be fast-tracked compared to other bills this session.


Because fewer bills are expected to pass this session, TRA will target its resources around a few bills that will have the greatest impact. We will also be prepared to block legislation that will hurt our industry. Currently, we plan to prioritize the following issues:

  • Making permanent the temporary, regulatory waivers we've received on alcohol to-go and grocery sales.

  • Protecting restaurants that relied on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) from surprise tax bills.

  • Requiring greater pricing and contracting transparency for third-party delivery companies.

  • Reducing restaurants’ mixed beverage tax burden to help them recover from the economic devastation created by COVID-19.

  • Preventing local governments from creating a patchwork of private-sector employment regulations.

  • Protecting businesses that make good-faith efforts to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols from unfair litigation.

With this agenda, we stand to transform an immediate crisis into long-term opportunities for our industry.

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TRA has hired three exceptional lobbyists who will drive our strategy and ensure we build the relationships we'll need to succeed during the legislative session. The stakes have never been higer. Please support these efforts so our industry can take full advantage of the unique opportunities we have this session by donating to the TRAction Fund today.