Advocacy Archive

Below you'll find a list of the current issues on which the TRA is focused. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Kelsey Streufert, Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy.

Weights and Scales in Restaurants
HB 2029 - Rep. JM Lozano
The BBQ Bill

TRA's Position

Many types of restaurants and eating establishments sell food by weight (BBQ, salad bars, yogurt shops, sandwich establishments that sell sandwiches by weight). Restaurants that sell items by weight often times do not have a scale that is visible to the consumer because the scale is located behind a counter, in the kitchen or another place outside of the plain view of the consumer. More info...

ADA Drive-by Lawsuits Reform
SB 827 (Sen. Seliger) – HB 1463 (Rep. Smithee)

TRA's Position

The Texas Restaurant Association, Texas Civil Justice League, and other business trade groups are supporting this legislation to protect businesses from bad faith ADA claims. More info...

Food and Beverage Certificate Legislation
House Bill 2101(Rep. Frullo) 

TRA's Position

TRA is supporting amendments to the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code to address inconsistencies relating to food and beverage certificates and rising alcohol prices. More info...